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Qualitative Research Approach in Higher Education: Application, Challenges and Opportunities

Fennie Mantula
Amos C. Mpofu
Favourate Y. Mpofu
George George N. Shava


Qualitative research has become increasingly significant due to its ability to provide valuable perspectives on the intricate dynamics of educational environments. However, researchers have not fully accepted it. In response, this study reviewed literature about underlying assumptions, practical application, challenges and potential opportunities in qualitative research, using the content analysis technique. The study revealed that qualitative research is a valuable approach in higher education as it allows for a deeper understanding of complex phenomena and provides a rich description of experiences and perspectives. Challenges in qualitative research include poor understanding of its potential and lack of time and sufficient funding. The study recommends that researchers in HEIs be encouraged to adopt qualitative research when exploring complex educational phenomena as this approach provides a more comprehensive understanding of experiences and perspectives. Educational institutions need to provide support to researchers, including funding, training and guidance on ethical considerations.

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eISSN: 2714-2132
print ISSN: 2714-2183