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Ecumenical Challenge in the Third Millennium

Alexander Mwita


Ecumenical movement is a Christian attempt to unite the fragmented Christian denominations, which has not materialized. From this failure, this paper aimed at finding out the ecumenical challenge in the third millennium. This study followed a qualitative approach that employs content analysis of historical data. It described theological and hermeneutical themes in five sections. The first section gives a brief working definition of three theological terms, millennium, third millennium and filioque controversy. The second section focuses on the description of the ecumenical movement in the third millennium. The third section gives a hermeneutical understanding of biblical teaching on unity. The fourth section presents the contrast between the biblical teaching on unity and the concept of unity in the ecumenical movement in the third millennium. The last section presents the challenges that face the ecumenical movement in the third millennium. Base on the findings, the study concludes that the challenge that faces the ecumenical movement is disregarding the biblical concept of unity and neglecting doctrinal differences among Christian denominations. Therefore, the study recommends that unity should be sought in accordance with biblical truth; moreover, the quest for unity should focus on solving the doctrinal differences among Christian denominations. 

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