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Lived Experiences of Domestic Violence and Coping Strategies among Female Secondary School Teachers in Uganda

Gladys Ayot Oyat
Wilson Eduan
Mary Kagoire Ocheng


This study investigated about lived experiences of domestic violence and coping strategies among female secondary school teachers in Uganda. The study employed qualitative approach within 23 secondary schools in Kitgum District. While through snowball sampling the study targeted all female teachers in these schools, who are victims of domestic violence, only 20 teachers who agreed to participate became the sample of the study. Furthermore, all the 23 head teachers of these schools participated in the study through purposive sampling. Data collection took place through in-depth interviews and data analysis took place through the thematic approach. While some of the domestic violence cases that took place include being beaten, tortured and injured, the victims used multiple ways to cope with the situations. The study recommends faith-based interventions as potential remedy for women who face domestic violence through deploying religious workers like school chaplains or other appropriate religious person to give support to such victims. The study further recommends supportive policy frameworks mainstreamed on  tools for empowering female teachers and head teachers on support system for  female teachers affected by domestic  violence to allow them  supportive work environment  as well as provision of guidance and counselling experts in schools to provide similar services.

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eISSN: 2714-2132
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