Peer Review

Articles are sent to two peer reviewers, and the final decision is the Editor’s. The practice of blind reviewing is adhered to.

Publication Scheduling

Tri-annual publication.


An unsolicited assessment

An unsolicited assessment: 

English in Africa evinces a consistency in policy and content, and therefore, a clearer identity, than any of the other journals under review, all the more remarkable considering its 30-year lifespan and the numerous editors who have presided over policy - - - None of the other journals - - - can match the persistent and pervasive attention paid to Southern African literary production by this journal - - - In terms of criticism, EA can justifiably be characterised as the most Afro-centric of the 11 journals under review - - - a journal whose identity has been remarkably strong and uniquely consistent.”

(Derek Barker: English Academic Literary

Discourse in South Africa 1958-2004: A Review of 11 Academic Journals. Ed. Norbert H. Platz. Trier, Germany: OPUS, 2007, pp. 73-76.)


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