Personnel management and job satisfaction in academic libraries: a case study of federal college education Yola. Adamawa state, Nigeria

  • Babangida Umar Babayi
  • Moses Charles Ijantiku


The study examined personnel management and job satisfaction in academic libraries: A case study of the Federal College of Education Yola, Adamawa State. The objectives of the study were to: determine the methods used for personnel recruitment, determine the level of staff development, identify the motivational factors of the library personnel, determine the level of job satisfaction and needs of the personnel, and assesses allowances/pay packages of the personnel. Literatures were reviewed based on objectives of the study. Survey research was the method adopted for the study. The target population of the study was the 18 library personnel in the Federal College of Education Yola. Questionnaire was used for this research as the main data collection instrument, and descriptive statistics was used for data analysis. The major findings are that: Majority of the library personnel were recruited before starting the job, Majority of the staff were trained before starting the job, also the staff were sponsored for in- service training programme, findings also reveals that promotions and refresher courses motivate library personnel’s, majority of the library personnel were satisfied with their present job, and only few of the staff were given soft loan as a welfare allowance. It was recommended that the library Management of the Federal College of Education Yola library should widely recruit personnel and device the method of training and retraining them, library management should also create an enabling environment for the library personnel to undergo in-service training, also considerations should be given to adequate pay packages/allowance which includes rent in bulk, hazard and over time. They should also be highly motivated through promotions and salary increment. And the library Management should endeavor to strategize and encourage workers to perform better by providing them with necessary benefits such as hazard allowance, and other allowances.


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eISSN: 1596-6224