The principal purpose of the journal is to publish scholarly work in a wide range of development issues namely; International Relations, Multilateral and Bilateral Diplomacy, International Trade and Investment, Geopolitical issues, Local and International Conflict Management, and Post Conflict Reconstruction, Peacekeeping and Peace Building, Diaspora and Remittances for Development, Civil-Military Relations, Terrorism and Counter-Terrorism, Small Arms and light weapons, Human Security Issues, Human Trafficking and Drug Addiction, Economic, Cultural and Conference Diplomacy, Tourism, Cross Border Issues, Regional Cooperation, Strategic Negotiations and Mediation Skills, Refugees Issues and Forced Migrations, Diplomatic Communication Skills, Globalizations issues (sovereignty, sea and air space invasion and territorial integrity), Gender issues (human trafficking, refugees, peacebuilding and effects of war), Global crises (Climate change, Food Security, Human Security and Environment Diplomacy).

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