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Social science research: a critique of quantitative and qualitative methods and proposal for an eclectic approach

Folorunso S Aluko, Folorunso S Aluko


The ongoing argument over the relative merits of what are generally referred to as qualitative and quantitative research is clouded by two problems: 1) beatification and glorification of a particular method over the other, and 2) the focus of most discussions on methods instead of on the basic assumptions of these two approaches. I believe that the second problem is at the root of the confusion and the first is a manifestation of it. Specific methods, particularly data gathering methods, are not necessarily linked with one set of assumptions as opposed to another. The question underlying differences of research stances (or paradigms) should be their ontological and epistemological assumptions.

IFE PsychologIA Vol. 14(1) 2006: 198-210
AJOL African Journals Online