Published: 2017-05-15

Effect of selected factors on water supply and access to safe water in Nigeria

S Lukman, A Ismail, M.A. Asani, K.A. Bolorunduro, P.U. Foghi, I.A. Oke


Experimental investigation of fouling characteristics of diesel oil

L.A. Jimoda, E.T. Odediran, J.A. Adeniran, A.A. Ayandiran


Floral diversity in the wetlands of Ibeju-Lekki Area, Lagos, Nigeria

T.A. Adeniyi, O.O. Oyebanji, P.A. Adeonipekun


An improved solution of first order kinetics for biochemical oxygen demand

I.A. Oke, A Ismail, S Lukman, P.U. Foghi, O.O. Adeosun, S.A. Amele, A.K. Bolorunduro