Comparative Assessment of Music Education Practice in Nigeria and Selected Global Experiences

  • N Okonkwo


Music education has been recognized from time as a firm attachment to any society and its growth, and has been in the educational curriculum from the early Greek education to the present day education worldwide. In Nigeria, the National Policy on Education has at several reviews on education insisted on the inclusion of music education as an imperative with several objectives at different tiers of education from primary to tertiary level. This is in recognition to its divergent roles in life of its citizens as it is the same worldwide. However, the field of music education in Nigeria seems to move in cyclical form instead of progressing forward. The aim of this paper is to review what is available vis-à-vis who is taught, who is teaching, who sponsors, the infrastructure and equipment available, in comparison to other nations. It looks at what can be benefited globally for a more effective, acceptable, successful, and progressive music education programme in Nigeria.

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eISSN: 1597-0597