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Projecting Nigerian Image through the Globalization of Her Dances

D Omatsola
J Onyekwelu


Re-imaging Nigeria seems to be on the nebulous assumption that the only image Nigeria has cultivated since the past fifty years as a nation is bad through and through. This paper intends to debunk such an idea by postulating that it is only an infinitesimal aspects of our rich cultural heritage that has been exported to the global market. The historical methodology is employed. The findings of this paper is that Nigerian dances have not benefited from globalization because, many of our dances and dance patterns have been stolen and repackaged to us as Western Euro-America cultural products. The paper therefore posits that Nigerians should take their destiny into their own hands and consciously reconstruct and re-choreograph their dances, ready for export into the culture markets of the global village, because the communication systems in the universe have moved from the microcosm of a world shrouded in the mystery of primeval times to the macrocosm of a demystified global parlour (through the villagization of the world).

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