Professor Vincent P.K. Titanji

Associate Editors

Biological Sciences
Dr. Vincent Ngwang Tanya Agricultural Sciences
Prof. Remy Mimpfoundi Animal Biology
Prof. Wilfred Mbacham Molecular Biology
Prof. Rose G.F. Leke Biomedical Sciences

Physical Sciences
Prof. Samuel N. Ayonghe Earth Sciences
Prof. Woafo Paul Physics
Prof. Bekole David Mathematics
Prof. Norbert Noutchegueme Mathematics
Prof. Emmanuel Tonye Engineering
Prof. Bathlemy Nyasse Chemistry

Social Sciences
Prof. Yenshu Emmanuel Sociology
Prof. Verkijika Fanso History
Prof. Paul Mbangwana English
Prof. Touna Mama Economics
Prof. Therese M. Tchombe Education



Prof. Robert J.I. Leke Gynaecology/obstetrics
Prof. Felicite Mbiapo Nutritional Biochemistry
Prof. Same Ekobo Parasitology
Dr. Justine Tantchou Biochemistry
Prof. Carl Mbofung Nutritional Biochemistry
Prof. Thomas Njine Zoology
Prof. Vincent P. K. Titanji Biochemistry
Prof. Rose G.F Leke Immuno-Parasitology
Prof. Etoa Francois-Xavier Microbiology
Prof. Mbanya Jean Claude Medicine/Endocrinology
Prof. Roger Moyo Parasitology
Prof. Jeanne Ngogang Medical Biochemistry
Dr. Samuel Nzientchueng* Plant Breeding
Dr. Anthoine Ngalani* Food Technology
Dr. David Akuro Mbah* Genetics
Dr. Vincent Ngwang Tanya* Virology
Dr Justine Tantchou* Clinical Biochemistry
Mr Jean Nya Ngatchou* Plant Breeding
Prof. Fru Angwafor III Fobuzshi Medicine/Urology
Prof. Kamgno Joseph Public Health/Epidemiology
Prof. Maguelle-Dicoum nee Biyong Physiology/Human Reproduction
Prof. Manjeli Yacoubou Genetics
Prof. Mimpfoundi Remy Biology/Molecular Parasitology
Prof. Wilfred Mbacham Molecular Biology/Biotechnology
Prof. Theresa Akenji Immunology/Parasitology
Dr. Jacob Ngeve Mbua Plant Genetics/Pathology
Prof. Julius Eyong Oben Biochemistry/Nutrition
Prof. Veronique Penlap Beng Biochemistry/Biotehcnology
Prof. Eugene Sobngwi Internal Medicine
Dr. Gabriel Agbor* Biochemistry
Dr. Mbankah Daniel Achukwi* Veterinary Medicine
Prof. F-X Mbopi Keou MicroBiology/Virology
Prof. Elisabeth Ngo Bum Animal Physiology


Prof. Henri Hogbe Nlend Mathematics
Prof. Yunkap Kwankam Elect. Engineering
Prof. Maurice Tchuente Computer Sciences
Prof N Noutchegueme Mathematics
Prof. Mathias F. Fonteh Agric. Engineering
Prof. Dicoum Manguelle Physics
Prof. Assako Assako Rene Joly Geography
Prof. Luke Sondengam Chemistry
Prof. Wouafo Kamga Mathematics
Prof. Tchoua Felix Geology
Prof. Samuel Ayonghe Geology
Prof. Kofane Timoleon Crepin Physics
Prof. Woafo Paul Physics
Prof. Emmanuel Tonye Electronics
Dr. Christie Mbi+ Pharmaceutical Sciences
Prof. Cesar Capsue Chemical Eng./Applied Chemistry
Prof. John Ngundam Electrical Engineering
Prof. Daniel Njopwouo Inorganic Chemistry/Material Science
Prof. Mbankam Kamga Geophysics
Prof. Chinje Uphie Melo Inorganic Chemistry/Material Science
Prof. Kwato Njock Physics
Prof. Fantong Wilson* Geology/Hydrology
Prof. Peter Teke Ndifon Inorganic Chemistry
Prof. Crispin Pettang Civil Engineering
Prof. Ngameni Emmanuel Inorganic Chemistry/Material Science
Prof. Bitjong Ndombol Mathematics
Prof. Nkenfack Ephraim Augustin Organic Chemistry


Prof Paul Nchoji Nkwi Anthropology
Prof. Beban Sammy Chumbow Linguistics
Pro.f Verkijika Fanso History
Prof. P. Geshiere Anthropology
Prof. Wilfred Ndongko Economics
Prof. Paul N. Mbangwana Eng. Literature
Prof. Marc Ela Sociology
Prof. Touna Mama Economics
Prof. Godfrey Tangwa Philosophy
Prof. Jean Emmanuel Pondi Int. Relations
Prof. Therese Tchombe Education
Prof. Ephraim Ngwafor Law
Dr. John W. Forje* Political Science
Prof. Cornelius M. Lambi Geography
Prof. Francis B. Nyamnjoh Anthropology
Prof. Michel Tchotsoua Geography/Geometrics
Dr. Elizabeth V. Tamanjong* Science of Education
Prof. Tsafack Nanfoso Economics
Prof. Paul Gerald Pougoue Law
Prof. Emmanuel Vubo Yenshu Sociology
Prof. Joseph Owona Law
Prof. Olivier Ruppel Law

Fellows of the Academy may be consulted to review papers in thier domains of specialization. Papers submitted by them are subjected to the same review process as those of other contributors.
* Chief Research Officer
+ Senior Research Officer



Prof. Tchoumboue Joseph Agronomy
Prof. Kenneth Ndamukong Animal Science
Prof Louis Jackai (USA) Agronomy
Prof. Albert Kamanyi Animal Physiology
Prof Guy Tsala Plant Physiology
Prof Denis Omokolo Plant Physiology
Prof. Marita Troaye (Sweden) Immunology
Prof. Lars Hviid (Denmark) Immunology
Prof. Bilong Bilong Felix C. Animal Biology
Prof. Paul Tan Animal Physiology
Prof J.M. Bell Plant Biology
Prof.. Chuyong George Agroforestry
Prof. Roland Ndip Microbiology
Prof. . Dieudonne Nwaga Plant Biology
Dr. Zok Simon Agronomy/Biotechnology
Dr. Nohou Ndam Botany/Forest Ecology
Prof. Eric Achidi Chemical Pathology
Dr Agbor Gabriel Nutrition
Prof. Anders Liljas (Sweden) Structural Biology
Dr. Denis Zofou Biochemistry
Dr. Tobias Apinjo Biochemistry
Dr Hughes C. Nana Djeuga Molecular Parasitology/Genomics
Dr Nantia Akono Edouard Biochemistry/Pharmacology
Prof. Fokunang Charles Plant Scienc/Phyto-Pharmacology
Prof. Stephen Ghogomu Biochemistry/Molecular Biology
Prof. Aduni Achidi (Mrs) Nutritional Biochemistry
Prof. Eneke Tambe Bechem Plant Biotechnology
Prof. Meutchieye Felix Animal Production
Dr. Amambua Alfred Ngwa Molecular Genetics/Parasitology
Dr. Nzweundji Justine Germo Plant Biotechnology
Dr. Nstomboh Godswill Nstefong* Plant Science/Agronomy


Prof. Mbuntum Francis Mathematics
Prof. Bekole David Mathematics
Prof. Sospeter Muhongo (Tanzania) Geology
Prof. Suh Emmanuel Geology
Prof. Georges E. Ekodeck Geology
Prof. Ngounouno Ismaila Geology
Prof. E.A. Onibere (Nigeria) Computer Science
Prof. Ngandjui Bonaventure Chemistry
Prof. Efange Simon Mbua Chemistry
Prof. Belombe Michel Chemistry
Prof. Ghogomu Tih Chemistry
Prof. W. M. Edmundi (UK) Geology
Prof. Paul L. Younger (UK) Geology
Prof. Daniel Njopouwo Inorganic Chemistry
Prof. Gamaniel Shingu (Nigeria) Pharmacology
Prof. Andrew Walubo (S. Africa) Pharmacology
Prof. Samuel Kimbu Organic Chemistry
Prof. Laure Pauline Fotso Computer Science
Prof. Gideon Ngwa Mathematics
Prof. Yong Ngwain Chemistry
Prof. Nyasse Bathelemy Chemistry
Dr Alain Moise Dikande Physics
Prof. Emmanuel Tanyi Engineering
Prof. Fai Cornelius Physics
Prof. Kuete Jules Chemistry
Dr Elie F.Tagne Computer Sciences
Dr Mbey Jean Aime Inorganic Chemistry
Dr Fidele Ntie Kang Medicinal Chemistry
Prof. Tening Suh Aaron Inorganic Chemistry


Prof. Fran├žois Kamajou Economics
Prof. Tafah Edokat Economics
Prof. Leke Tambo Education
Prof. J.M. Ntsobe French Literature
Prof. Enoh Tanjong Mass Communication
Prof. Joyce Endeley Gender Studies
Prof. Tala Kashim Ibrahim African Literature
Prof. Godfrey Njimanted Economics
Dr. Akoko Mbe Robert Sociology
Prof. Nol Alembong African Literature
Prof. Akumbu Pius Linguistics and English Language studies

Mr. Adolf Sunyin Nubidga
Dr. Magellan Guewo

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