The effect of high temperatures on concrete incorporating ultrafine silica and polypropylene fibers

  • M Benkaddour
  • Y Senhadji
  • F Kazi Aoual
  • A Semcha
Keywords: concrete, high temperature, porosity, compressive strength, ultrafine Silica


In recent years, lots of studies have attempted to examine the possible causes for the thermal instability of ordinary concrete and high performance. However, we still do not know the exact terms of phenomena taking place during exposure to high temperature and the technological solutions that exist (polypropylene fibres, thermal reported) are not always well controlled.

In this work, several concrete formulations have been tested and multi-scale observation of high-temperature behavior of ordinary concrete (compressive strength of 48 MPa) and HPC (compressive strength 75 MPa) were adopted.

On the scale of the material, the identification of trends with temperature data such as porosity and particularly the mechanical properties allow us to better understand the behaviour of concrete at high temperature differential thermal analysis have been also made.

Keywords: concrete; high temperature; porosity; compressive strength; ultrafine Silica


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eISSN: 1112-9867