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Journal of Fundamental and Applied Sciences is an international journal reporting significant new results in all aspects of fundamental and applied sciences research. We welcome experimental, computational (including simulation and modelling) and theoretical studies of fundamental and applied sciences. The work must fall into one of the four sections of the journal. If the work overlaps two or more journal sections then it can be submitted as an interdisciplinary fundamental or applied sciences paper. 

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Vol 10, No 6S (2018)

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Table of Contents


Retracted: Factors affecting choice of medical destination for tourists: Europe perpetive
P. Raeissi, B. Najafi, H.A. Gorji, A.A. Teymourlouy 1-13
Retracted:Features of value orientations of patients with schizophrenia
E. M. Leontieva 14-35
Retracted: Design as a way to develop a relevant urban environment
L. M. Stratonova 36-44
Retracted: Comprehensive study of the operational reliability of the power plant impeller of the turbo-expander type from structural plastic
V. A. Rassokhin, M. P. Fedorov, Y. V. Matveev, A. I. Sukhanov, D. A. Kotlov, S. A. Besedin, A. A. Sebelev, N. A. Zabelin, G. A. Fokin 45-62
Retracted: Experimental characteristics of the low-consumption turbines with flow outlet small angle and rotor blades with a big spacing ratio
V. A. Rassokhin, M. P. Fedorov, Y. V. Matveev, G. A. Fokin, S. M. Schisliaev, N. A. Zabelin, S. N. Besedin, G. L. Rakov, M. V. Smirnov 68-79
Retracted: Attitudes of students of Jahrom University of medical sciences towards abortion: a descriptive, cross-sectional study
R. Inaloo, N. Tghipour, A. Razeghi, E. Rahmanian 80-91
Retracted: Examining the attunement between health literacy and hope in patients with acute coronary syndrome (ACS) admitted to the hospitals of Jahrom University of medical sciences
M. Imanian, M. Khoramkish, T. Abdian 92-103
Retracted: Examining the attunement between health literacy and Health promoting behaviors in patients with acute coronary syndrome (ACS) admitted to the hospitals of Jahrom University of medical sciences
M. Imanian 104-114
Retracted: Relationship between anxiety, stress and depression with spiritual health in patients with acute vascular syndrome coronary
M. Rahmanian, F. Honarmand, S. Moghaddam, M. Zeinijahromi 115-125
Retracted: Research self-efficacy of students in Jahrom University of medical sciences: a cross-sectional descriptive study in 2017
E. Rahmanian, H. Khatonaki, H. Hojati, R. Inaloo 126-138
Retracted: The effect of lifestyle education on blood pressure control in hypertensive patients
M. Rahmanian, F. Honarmand, S. Moghaddam, M. Zeinijahromi 139-151
Retracted: The frequency of asymptomatic bacteriuria in men with hypertension
S. Taghizadeh, M. Haghdoost, E. Afsar 152-161
Retracted: Assessment of Occupational Safety and Health Performance Indicators for Jordan
Awwad Dababneh, Rami H. Fouad, Abdul Jaleel Hamad Majeed 162-169
Retracted: FM Based Lozalization: A Comparion Study
Khitam Abdulnabi Salman, Fatimah Abdulnabi Salman, Sami Hasan 170-175
Retracted: Performance Analysis of Internet of Things Protocols Based Fog/Cloud over High Traffic
Istabraq M. Al-Joboury, Emad H. Al-Hemiary 176-181
Retracted: VNML: Virtualized Network Management Laboratory for Educational Purposes
Oula L. Abdulsattar, Emad H. Al-Hemiary 182-186
Retracted: Data Warehouse System for Outpatient Healthcare
Talib M. J. Al Taleb, Sami Hasan, Yaqoob Yousif Mahdi 187-192
Retracted: Design of Asymmetrical Generalized Chebychev Lowpass Filter with a Wide Stopband Rejection
Aymen M. Al-Kadhimi, Salim A. Mohammed Ali 193-197
Retracted: Biometric National Identification Number Generation for Secure Network Authentication Based Fingerprint
Mahmood K. Ibrahem, Muntasser S. Falih, Fatima B. Ibrahim 198-202
Retracted: VoIP Speech Encryption System Using Stream Cipher with Chaotic Key Generator
Mahmood Khalel Ibrahem, Hussein Ali Kassim 204-210
RetractedEnhance the Performance of a Data Warehouse by Indexed View
Talib M. J. Al Taleb, Sami Hasan, Yaqoob Yousif Mahdi 211-215
Retracted: Distance estimation by computer vision and shortest path planning using single camera
Sami Hasan, Shereen S. Jumaa 216-221
Retracted:Investigating torture against women in different countries With international responsibility approach
F. Eftekhari 222-241
Retracted: Assessment of the implementation of environmental management system in the construction companies of rashest city and the harmful effects of failure to implement on the environment
G. Mohammadpour, M. Fallah, F. Gravand, H. Kaveh, M. D. Houreh 242-276
Retracted: Current trends of internet commerce development in Russia
A. V. Gubareva, K.E. Kovalenko, M. N. Semyakin, S.P. Stepkin 277-283
Retracted: Application of cryptocurrencies in the Russian federation: positive and negative sides
A. V. Gubareva, S. V. Kodan, K. E. Kovalenko, S. P. Stepkin 284-288
Retracted: Wide dynamic range tranimpedance amplifier using peaking capacitance technique for high speed optical wireless communication system
A. F. Chandio, B. Das, M. K. Rathi, N. B. Marzuki, M. F. L Abdullah, M. S. A. Khan, B. Pandey 289-300
Retracted: Peak to average power ratio (PAPR) reduction technique in orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (OFDM) using block coding
A. F. Chandio, B. Das, N. Faud, M.F.L. Abdullah 311-320
Retracted: Proposed efficient method for ticket booking (PEMTB)
K. Ahmed, M. S. A. Khan, O. A. Siddiqui, S. A. Iftikhar, B. Das, M. Khurrum 321-338
Retracted: Integration of intellectual capital and innovation in SMEs’ performance: a conceptual framework
N.M. Duras, A.R. Yunus, N.A. Othman, N.A. Sani, N. Rahman 339-354
Retracted: Text mining as a technic to visualize the literature trends in the molecular-related personalized medicine context
U.H. Mohammad, P. N. E. Nohuddin 355-365
Retracted:Modeling and design analysis of a three phase linear generator for sea waves energy conversion
R. Sinnadurai, C. M. Ting, Q. B. Hadi 366-386
Retracted: Design of compound repository using NoSQL database (#5)
R. Maskat, M. T. Taher, M. A. Aziz, S. R. S. Aris 387-405
Retracted: Evaluation on the performance of suppliers in Malaysia with TOPSIS model
L. W. Hoe, M.A. Din, L.W. Siew, C.J. Wai 406-415
Retracted: Determination of free chlorine content in indoor and outdoor swimming pool sports complex
C. Payus, I. Geoffrey, A. Oliver 416-424
Retracted: The wound healing activity of Mikania micrantha ehanolic leaf extract
M. N. Sarimah, H. H. Mizaton 425-437
Retracted: 4x4 bit Vedic multiplier using 13T hybrid full adder in 90 nm CMOS technology
S.J. Lee, S. H. Ruslan 438-450
Retracted: Automatic transmission towers detection in low-resolution satellite images
A. A. Almisreb, N. M. Din 451-461
Retracted: Green soft computing and standardization
K. U. Sarker, A. Deraman, R. Hasan 462-470
Retracted: Sensitivity enhancement of chemical sensor using aligned-gap split ring resonator
I. M. Rusni, A. Ismail, M.N. Hamidon 471-481
Retracted:Knowledge-based expert system for predictive classification of main specific learning disabilities
R. M. Rasli, N. A. A. Aziz, S. A. Salim, F. M. Razali, N. M. Norwawi, N. Basir 482-494
Retracted: A review on teacher training's drawbacks, barriers and challenges: conventional to digital technology transition
R. M. Rasli, N. A. M. Zulkefli, N. A. A. Aziz, F. M. Razali, S. A. Salim, N. M. Norwawi, N. Basir 495-511
Retracted: Formative assessment based course outcomes and instructions
M. Mrunalini, T. V. Suresh Kumar, L. V. N. Prasad 512-525
Retracted: An automatic solar tracking system for a parabolic trough concentrating collector
W. Vinicchayakul, K. Sookramoon, C. Patummakason 526-539
Retracted: A survey on big data processing: techniques, issues and challenges
K. Kumari, M. Mrunalini 540-569
Retracted: Detection of drug residues in Kerayong river, Kuala Lumpur
Z. Othman, M. A. Wahid, W. K. Lee, K. A. Hamid 570-581
Retracted: The user experiences of pre-school children on the use of multi touch hand gestures towards fine motor skills: the experts’ and teachers’ reviews
F. M. Razali, N. A. A. Aziz, S. A. Salim, R. M. Rasli, N. F. Zulkefly 582-601
Retracted: A study on performance of UWB indoor localization using directional antennas with RBF neural network
W. Vinicchayakul, P. Supanakoon 602-614
Retracted: A study of microorganisms and quantitative analysis at ambiance atmosphere by passive air sampling method
N. S. Zainuddin, M. H. M. Ali 615-627
Retracted: Development of vegetable supply chain sustainability model in Thailand
W. Proykratok, W. Rattanawong, W. Chandraprakaikul 628-645
Retracted: Modelling and simulation of high power factor three-phase AC-DC converter with wireless power transfer function using current injection hybrid resonant technique
R. Baharom, M. N. Seroji, A. R. Mahmud 646-657
Retracted: Investigation of tidal backwater effect in an estuary with idealised meandering river
I. N. Mohamad, W. K. Lee 658-668
Retracted: Three-phase ac to DC CIHRC with wireless power transfer Function
R. Baharom, M. N. Seroji, K. S. Muhammad, N. F. N. Ismail 669-680
Retracted: Integrated rfid technology and wireless mesh network platform for boarding school management
C. Z. Zulkifli, H. N. Hassan, A. A. Zalay, S. M. Kamis, N. H. A. Hassan 681-691
Retracted: Statistically constrained economic design of variable parameters max chart
M. H. Lee, M.H.A.S. Jamilah 692-708
Retracted: Removal of copper metal through a hybrid bio-chemical precipitation process
L. N. Fariha, Y. Takashi, A. T. Suhaimi 709-719
Retracted: Disjunctive programming-tabu search (dp-ts) approach for job Shop scheduling problem
K. L. Wong, S. Z. Nordin 737-751
Retracted: Expression of leptin-receptor (LEP-R) and Angiotensin-converting enzyme (ACE) genes after a 12-week high Intensity interval training (HIIT) intervention among obese Individuals
T. O. S. Izwan, M. N. V. N. Sarawati, A. Z. N. Hidayah, J. M. Afifurrahman, N. F. M. Farah, M. Appukutty, A. F. M. Ludin 752-765
Retracted: Development and validation of the Malay interactive basic Nutrition module for food handlers
Z.M. Issa, W. A. M. W. Muda 766-778
Retracted: Heart rate conditioning based on beats per minute and accelerometer
H. Harun, N. M. Khaidir, Z. Said, S. N. Mohamad 779-785
Retracted: Design of switch socket outlets distributions in buildings According to HSE standards using C language
N. A. Muslimin, C.M. Ting, A.M.M. Fadzil 786-798
Retracted: A comparative study of flow behaviour for ranque-hilsch Vortex tube
Y. Istihat, W. Wisnoe, O. Kurdi 799-811
Retracted: Identification of the genus of stingless bee via image template
A. Nizam, W.M. Isa, A. Ali, A. S. Robawi 812-821
Retracted: Impact of constraints towards performance of food manufacturing SMEs in Malaysia
N.I. Kamaruddin, F.A. Khalid, J. Jabar 822-838
Retracted: Modeling and forecasting Malaysia’s Islamic stock market volatility
S. A. Mohammed, M. A. A. Bakar, N. M. Ariff 839-849
Retracted: Microscopic analysis of bone microstructures with increasing age in Malaysian females
M. M. A. Jamil, I. Khan, H. Abdullah, F. M. Nor 850-861
Retracted: Sex based histological comparison of Haversian canal in cortical bones of Malaysian citizens
M. M. A. Jamil, H. Abdullah, I. Khan, F. M. Nor 862-878
Retracted: Novel growth of aligned zinc oxide nanorod arrays on Mg0.3Zn0.7O seed layer and its rectifying behaviour
M. Salina, N. A. Samah, M. A. M Adnan, M. Rusop 879-895
Retracted: Biotransformation of acrylonitrile by resting cells of Rhodococcus UKMP-5m as biocatalyst
F. Sjahrir, M. N. Maniyam, A. L. Ibrahim, A. E. G. Cass 896-908
Retracted: The impact of corporate social responsibility on human resource management practices in manufacturing firms in the southern part of Malaysia
S. S. Omar, S. W. Chan, M. S. Ridwan, A. R. Ahmad, Z. Z. Ariffin 909-919
Retracted: Visualization of exudates fundus images with graphical user interface for early detection of diabetic retinopathy
H. A. Hassan, N. M. Tahir, A. Zabidi, I.M. Yassin 920-933
Retracted: Development for the stand of solar photovoltaic based on the direction and angle analysis at North Peninsular Malaysia
A. A. Malik, S. M. M. Maharum, M. Z. W. M. Tohid, Z. Muhammad, I. H. Hamzah, Z. A. Halim, M. K. Rahmat, N. F. Haris, Z. I. Rizman 934-948
Retracted: Encircling probe with multi-excitation frequency signal for depth crack defect in eddy current testing
J. K. S. Paw, K. Ali, C.K. Hen, A.N. Abdallah, T.J. Ding, N.A. Ahlam, N. Eirfan 949-964
Retracted: Examwiz: a development and implementation of an android based examintion
R. Rifin, T.E. Fang, A.F.Z. Abidin, A. Adam, M.A. Majid, A. Zainuddin, S.H. Mohammad, M.H. Harun, Z.I. Rizman 965-976
Retracted: The use of virtual environment and augmented reality to support engineering education and enhance visualization skills
M. Omar, D.F. Ali, M. Mokhtar, A.H. Abdullah 977-988
Retracted: Smart cane with human detection capabilities for blind people
M. H. A. Rahman, A. A. Abdullah, A. M. Mohammad, M.K. Nordin, M. S. A. Megat Ali, M. F. Saaid 989-1004
Rectracted: A learning 3D geometry through sketchup make (SPPD-SUM) to enhance visual spatial skills and the level of geometric thinking
R. A. Wahab, A. H. Abdullah, M. S. Abu, N. A. Atan, M. Mokhtar, M. H. Hamzah 1005-1039
Retracted: The development of monitoring system for street light based on internet-of-things (IOT) application
H. M. Asraf, K. A. Nur Dalila, Z. M. Yusoff, M. T. Nooritawati, Z. I. Rizman 1040-1050
Retracted: Parameter influence in wireless power transfer system using analysis of Taguchi method
W. K. M. Razali, N. G. N. Daud, F. R. Hashim, A. M. Azman, I. H. Hamzah3, S. Sahlan, M. A. Hadzrami, M. Z. Zuki, P. Ravethran, Z. I. Rizman 1051-1068
Retracted: Superimposed technique in wireless power transfer
W. K. M. Razali, A. Abu Bakar, F. R. Hashim, A.M. Azman, I.H. Hamzah, Z.I. Rizman 1069-1079
Retracted: Effect of mechanical strength on nitrile butadiene rubber in blending diesel and palm biodiesel
M. A. Ariffin, A. Andriyana, N. Ismail, M. F. M. Mazelan 1080-1092
Retracted: Systematic literature review of decision support model for Improvement initiatives selection
A. W. M. Ikbar, S. Khairanum, M. D. M. Amran, A. B. F. Anwar, B. R. Roslan 1093-1107
Retracted:Modelling foreigners’ perception, motivation, satisfaction and destination loyalty: an investigation on tourists, expatriates and international retirees in Malaysia
C. H. Tan, X.W. Chong, S.B. Ho 1108-1120
Retracted: Significance of personalized learning style in promoting E-technology
S.B. Ho, S.K. Teh, G.Y. Chan, I. Chai, C.H. Tan 1121-1131
Retracted: A study on consumer adoption of ride-hailing apps in Malaysia
K. B. Lim, S.F. Yeo, M.L. Goh, J.A.X. Gan 1132-1142
Retracted: A study on consumer switching behaviour in telecommunication industry
K. B. Lim, S.F. Yeo, M.L. Goh, W.M. Koh 1143-1153
Retracted: Hypothesis of relationships between personalities with continuance intention to perform internet vigilantism among undergraduates in Universiti Teknologi Mara (UITM)
M. S. Abu Bakar, R.N.A.R. Ayob 1154-1162
Retracted: Factors influencing behaviour intention to use E-books among Malaysian university students
C.S. Cheah, S.F. Yeo, W.Y. Lim 1163-1175
Retracted: Examining the relationship of website security, online perceived value and online purchase intention: evidences from Malaysia and Thailand online shopping context
N. A. S. Abu Bakar, A. Aminallah, S. S. Ab Rahim, N. M. Zam, S. Abd Rahman, V. Veerayangkur 1176-1191
Retracted: Guests motives for participation in peer to peer accommodation: evidence from Malaysia
I. Awang. Razli, S.A. Jamal, M.S. Mohd Zahari 1192-1205
Retracted: A review of value dimensions in tourism service oriented field Via paradigm funnel
N. Kamdi, S.A. Jamal, F.I. Anuar 1206-1228
Retracted: Word of mouth engagement in online brand community: a Systematic literature review analysis
A. Ngelambong, M. W. Omar, S. Kibat, N. M. Nor, Z. M. Rani 1229-1241
Retracted :Social entrepreneurship intention: from literature review to Conceptual framework
S. D. M. Wahid, A. H. Ayob, W. M. H. Wan Hussain, S. Ismail 1242-1260
Retracted: The decision making on mutual investment of thai investors
M. Kowhakul 1261-1273
Retracted: E-payment behavior of people in bangkok metropolitan region, Thailand
P. Liengpradit 1274-1287
Retracted: The influence of social media consumption on gen Z consumers’ attitude
F. M. Yussof, A. Harun, N. S. Norizan, N. Durani, I. Jamil, S. M. Salleh 1288-1299
Retracted: Linking relationship benefit and word of mouth engagement in hospitality online brand community: the mediating role of relationship quality
A. Ngelambong, H.F. Ariffin, A. H. Zulkifli, S. Kibat, J. A. Ahmad, I. M. Akhir 1300-1312
Retracted: Setup and operational cost analysis of 1 Horse power rated split unit inverter and non inverter air conditioner for home usage in Malaysia
M. F. M. Mazelan, M. A. Ariffin, S. N. A. Aznam 1313-1322
Retracted: A review on comparison of technologies and progress of a smart grid development in Malaysia and Singapore
N. I. Ilham, R. Rifin, N.D. Ahmad, N. H. Abdul Rahman, Y. Yusrina, M. Hussain, E.H. Mat Saat, A. F. Abidin 1323-1337
Retracted The information potential of the state and society
R. B. Bryukhov, A. V. Gubareva, K.E. Kovalenko, S. A. Stepanov 1338-1341
Retracted: Stabilization and development of the Russian Economy
R. B. Bryukhov, A. V. Gubareva, K. E. Kovalenko, A.V. Mayfat 1342-1344
Retracted: Modern inflation level in Russia and peculiarities of anti-inflation state policy
V. A. Bublik, A. V. Gubareva, K. E. Kovalenko, A. V. Stepanchenko 1345-1349
Retracted: The problem of development of recycling secondary raw materials in Russia
L.N. Berg, A.V. Gubareva, K.E. Kovalenko, A.V. Stepanchenko 1350-1354
Retracted: Study of the type of diet and nutritional habits of people in Sabzevar, iran 2016
M. M. Hazavehei, B. Moeini, S. J. Mirmoosavi, A. K. Shahanjarini, A. R. Moslem, A. Moghimbeigi, M. D. Heravi 1355-1369
Retracted: Social factors affecting personality disorders
T. Hamzeh Poor Haghighy, P. Amiri, S. M. S. Vaziri, M. Goudarzian, F. Hasannezhad, E. R. Eradfar, M. Mohseny 1370-1380
Retracted: Improving the efficiency of the mechanism of redistribution of the gross domestic product through optimization of expenditures of the consolidated budget in the Russian federation
A. A. Tatuev, A. M. Ashkhotov, V. V. Rokotyanskaya, B. B. Bidova, M. A. Davletmirzayeva 1381-1396
Retracted: Frame mechanism for analyzing and identifying pathologic Anatomic images
R. Nasim, T. Abdimukhan, K. Bekzat, A. Galimgan 1397-1408
Retracted: Comparison of iterative methods with order of convergence three and four
T. P. Mateva 1409-1421
Retracted: Research of the reconfigurable cross-platform computing system for the digital signal processing
A. I. Martyshkin 1422-1436
Retracted: Algorithm of global extremum search area definition for several variables function
R. G. Asadullaev, V. V. Lomakin 1437-1448
Retracted: Basic operation principles of associate co-processor module for specialized computer systems based on programmable logical integral schemes
A. I. Martyshkin 1449-1463
Retracted: Electricity consumption decrease at pump stations during watering By multi-support sprinkling units
F. K. Abdrazakov, N. F. Ryzhko, S. N. Ryzhko, S. A. Horin, S. V. Botov 1464-1481
Retracted: The increase of qualitative indicators during watering with multiple support sprinklers
N. F. Ryzhko, F. K. Abdrazakov, S. N. Ryzhko, S. V. Botov, S. A. Khorin 1482-1497
Retracted: Innovative capacity of the region: integrated assessment and development mechanism
V. V. Rokotyanskaya 1498-1519
Retracted: A study on the role of the internet of things (IOT) in gaining competitive advantage for businesses
A. H. Amirkhani, S. A. S. M. Sahebalam, A. K. Moradi, R. Firoozpour, H. Changizi 1520-1534
Retracted: Determining the relationship between serum procalcitonin level and death of patients with burns referring to Sina Hospital in Tabriz during 2015-2017
S. Taghizadeh, M. Gholipoor 1535-1543
Retracted: Professional personological self-efficiency in specialist’s training system
L. V. Vakhidova, E. М. Gabitova, V. G. Ivanov 1544-1565
Retracted: Psychological characteristics of victim behavior at preadult age (based on observations of law students)
L. Stukolova, G. Ivantsova, E. Chernova, E. Kosykh 1566-1581
Retracted: Main tendencies and forming factors ofthe teacher's professional readiness in the context of the person-centred educational paradigm
M. I. Lukyanova, O. I. Donina, I. V. Aryabkina, M. A. Kovardakova 1582-1592
Retracted: Corrosion inhibitors based on heterocyclic compounds of petrochemical
A. I. Gabitov, L. Z. Rolnik, E. A. Udalova, V.V. Yamilova, S. G. Zubairov 1593-1609
Retracted: Small business taxation in European countries: crucial points, specific features and potential adaptation of advantageous options
S. V. Kaledin, V. I. Barkhatov, Y. S. Kapkaev, E. V. Shestakova 1610-1629
Retracted: Deployment and redeployment of labor of the region (The case of the republic of Bashkortostan)
E. R. Mamleeva, N. V. Beschastnova, M. Y. Sazykina, A. V. Mar’ina, G. V. Yakshibaeva 1630-1650
Retracted: Impact of distributive and procedural justice on turnover intention and counterproductive work behavior: mediating role of organizational cynicism
P. E. P. Afghan, H. Arry, B. Arry, M.H. Mohd Saudi, H.O. Sinaga 1651-1678
Retracted: Experimental investigation of different rules size of fuzzy logic controller for vector control of induction motor drives
N. S. Y. Farah, M.H.N. Talib, Z. Ibrahim, Z. Rasin, Z.I. Rizman 1696-1717
Retracted: Haste, its types, and consequences from the perspective of quranic verses and islamic narrations
B. Mehraki, A. Shirazinezhad, M. A. Sookhaklari 1718-1732
Retracted: A conceptual model for searching relevant scientific publications in large databases using agent-based text mining
M. Khashfeh, M. A. Mahmoud, M. S. Ahmad, S. S. Gunasekaran 1733-1743
Retracted: Improving automatic chess problem composition by emphasizing conventions
A. Iqbal 1744-1756
Retracted: In search for a viable pedagogical agent in assistive applications for dyslexic children
Z. Jamaludin, H. Husni, M. M. Alobaedy 1758-1770
Retracted: Integration of learner’s model into learning management system environment
L. E. Heng, A. Sangodiah, M. Muniandy, P.K. Yuen 1771-1778
Retracted: Investigating the factors that influence the efficiency of using robots as social skills therapy for children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD)
N. A. B. Amran, S. S. Gunasekaran, M. A. Mahmoud 1779-1792
Retracted: Prediction of success of movies using data analytics techniques
A. Sakib, N. N. A. Sjarif, K. Kamardin, S. M. Daud 1793-1801
Retracted: Adsorption of copper ions onto cellulose xanthogenate derived from cogon grass (Imperata cylindrica) leaf powder
M. A. K. M. Hanafiah, Z. Othman, G. Redzwan, S. Ibrahim 1802-1812
Retracted: Civic engagement education: a case study of millennial in Langkawi island and Tuba
M. H. Azizan, A. Azmi, R. A. Ramli, M. S. Zulkafli 1813-1821
Retracted: Innovative approach to improving energy efficiency level of the Russian economy
R. I. Khansevyarov 1822-1828
Retracted: Analysis on the performance of 500w wind turbine in ducting System
A. A. Malik, S. M. M. Maharum, M. Z. W. Mohd Tohid, I. H. Hamzah, M. K. Rahmat, N. F. Haris, M. L. Mansor, M. H. Che Hasni, Z. I. Rizman 1829-1843
Retracted: Power monitoring system for wind turbine in ducting system using Arduino and labview application
A. A. Malik, S. M. M. Maharum, M. Z. W. Mohd Tohid, I. H. Hamzah, M. K. Rahmat, N. F. Haris, M. L. Mansor, Z. I. Rizman 1844-1860
Retracted: Comparative study of nasal polyp with Bawseer–e-Anff in Persian medicine sources
B. Parvin, S. A. Madani, B. M. Aliabadi, M. Kamalinejad, M. Yousofpoor 1861-1872
Retracted: Effect of mentha longifolia nasal spray 1.5% on clinical manifestations of 10 patients with nasal polyposis, case series study
B. Parvin, S. A. Madani, B. M. Aliabadi, M. Kamalinejad, A. Alipour, M. Yousofpoor 1873-1883
Retracted: Design and analysis of diesel generator with battery storage for microgrid system
A. Khamis, M. R. A. Ghani, C. K. Gan, M. S. M. Aras, M. A. H. N. Rahim, Z. I. Rizman 1884-1895
Retracted: Assessment of trace elements in drinking water sources: a case study, Majmaah region, KSA
M. S. Lakshmana 1896-1909
Retracted: Sociological study of the roles of the development level and development experience in creating or modifying fear of crime: a case study of central cities in Hamadan province
M. Reshadi, B. Zare, P. Danesh, S. Ghaderi 1910-1938
Retracted: The problem of organ and tissue transplantation ethical and legal aspects
E. V. Savoschikova, E. I. Maksimenko, M. A. Ivanova, N. Yu. Davydova 1939-1950
Retracted: Gross product growth: a multiplicative factor model
S. B. Kuznetsov 1951-1970
Retracted: The relationship between creativity and academic performance with computer games in secondary school male students in Isfahan
M. Sobhaninejad, M. H. Tajdary, K. Esmaeili 1971-1986
Retracted: Location based mobile app for doctor’s appointment in Saudi Arabia with supervised learning prediction
D. Mavaluru, M. A. Mohamed, A. A. Bakhamis 1987-2002
Retracted: Acceptance of doctor appointment app: an empirical study in Saudi Arabia
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