Recovery of copper(II) and chromium(III) from nitrate medium with salicylideneaniline dissolved in 1-octanol

  • A Guerdouh
  • D Barkat
Keywords: solvent extraction, copper(II), chromium(III), salicylideneaniline


The solvent extraction of copper(II) and chromium(III) from nitrate medium with salicylideneaniline (HL) is studied as a function of various parameters: pH, concentration of salicylideneaniline, contact time and the nature of anoin (nitrate and sulfate) in aqueous phase. Chromium(III) is not extracted by salicylideneaniline diluted in 1-octanol. Copper(II) is only extracted by salicylideneaniline and it was found that the highest extractability achieved to 95% at pH 4.9, The stoichiometry of the extracted species was determined by using the method of slope analysis. Elemental analysis, UV–vis and IR-spectra were used to confirm the structure. It is found that the copper (II) is extracted as CuL2.2H2O Their equilibrium constant, distribution coefficient, percentage extraction (%E) and free energy are also calculated.

Keywords: solvent extraction; copper(II); chromium(III); salicylideneaniline


Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 1112-9867