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Identification of the main processes in new towns Development Company in Iran and provision of the model of ideal processes for optimal management of resources and actions

N Siddighi


The processes don’t equally play a role in an organization and some of them play more important role than another group. In the research project on identifying the main processes in New Towns Development Company and its 17 subsidiaries, which was performed by establishing expert teams in place and it was lasted for a year, identification of status quo and main process, extraction of information items and needs assessment with the aim of improvement of goals were examined to timely provide effective services to people, to decide accurately and to manage the sources and actions optimally. It was found that these processes can be analyzed with GIS software and the items of comprehensive spatial information database and location-based processes are the inputs and outputs of these processes. In this project, mentioned processes are explained with the use of UML diagrams and related scenarios and analyzed in a way where the analyses of GIS are clear. The most important result of this project is that after identifying the status quo, mapping the processes, revising the processes and applying revised processes, the possibility of providing conceptual, logical and physical data models has been created that together with manufacturing standards and guidelines, information preparation and editing, has become a successful introduction of two other projects of GIS data preparation and design and implementation of WEBGIS software.

Keywords: New Towns Development Company in Iran; organizational processes; Geographic Information Syste (GIS); Use Case diagrams

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