Fuzzy analytical hierarchy process and GIS for predictive cu -au porphyry in mokhtarn 1:100000 sheet, southern Khorasan, east of Iran

  • Z Khajehmiri
  • M.R. Shayestehfar
  • H Moeinzadeh
Keywords: Fuzzy analytical, Predictive cu -au porphyry


Mineral exploration generally starts on small scale (small areas) and, then progresses to large scale (small area). There are many methods for achieving this goal. To achieve this goal one of these methods is Fuzzy analytical hierarchy process (Fuzzy AHP) that is the most popular multi-criteria decision-making techniques. In the Mokhtaran sheet for predictive Cu -Au porphyry this method was used. Combining this way with geographic information systems GIS is effective approach for predictive Mineral prospectively mapping (MPM) for Cu -Au porphyry. For preparing MPM, the criteria were geological data (host rocks, heat rocks, alteration), tectonic (Fault), geochemical data (stream geochemical).

These criteria were weighted based on Fuzzy AHP, Then the produced weight is multiplied in the evidence layer. The final prospectively map was prepared with fuzzy γ=0.9 operator. For evolution this method. The known mineral deposits placed on the final map. The location of these deposits confirmed this method.

Keywords: Fuzzy analytical; Predictive cu -au porphyry


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print ISSN: 1112-9867