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The effect of using road safety equipment and systems and determine their role on the suburban roads’ safety performance

G Ghaffari
H Zoghi


In the present communities transportation is a critical component of human life, and one of the main categories in the specification transportation system is the subject of safety. Considering the number of road accidents and deaths caused by it, unfortunately Iran is at the top of countries with the highest number of deaths in traffic accidents, therefore, this has led to that causes of accidents be investigated. To achieve high safety many factors are involve, including appropriate geometric conditions, warning signs and marks, inhibiting rules, safer vehicles, driver familiar with the rules. In this paper, we investigate and evaluate each safety equipment on road performance and with case study on the Tehran-Firouzkouh road determine the existing traffic control equipment situation and by multi-criteria weighting systems AHP decision-making models has been set to evaluate the effects of these factors on safety function. Then according to existing road conditions and the contribution of roads’ different sectors of these systems, a safety priority index number is defined between 0 and 100 and prioritize different levels were expressed in terms of risk.

The results have shown that indices median, lighting and panel type and the road’s longitudinal underlining have been identified to have the highest impact on safety. This issue considering sections with complex geometric design with plenty of horizontal curves are very important; also transverse road underlining and warning and regulatory signs in the road have the high weight. But what is noteworthy in this regard is that the total weight of road horizontal symptoms include (underlining and text lines and bumps) is obtained 0.306, and the total weight of the vertical signs (regulatory and warning signs, and traffic lights) 0.181. This issue shows that importance and the effect of horizontal systems on roads is far more than vertical signs of road’s margins.

Keywords: Safety; safety equipment and systems; hierarchical analysis

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