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Perceived parenting, school climate and positive youth development: a predicting model

F Bakhshaee
E Hejazi
F Dortaj
V Farzad


Positive youth development is the ideal process of human development that includes five psychological, behavioral, and social indices as competence, connection, confidence, caring and character. The present study was conducted aiming at predicting positive youth development based on perception of parenting and perception of school climate. For this purpose, 400 female high school students of Kerman responded to the scale of parenting style perception, school climate perception, and positive youth development. The results of correlation analysis indicated a positive and significant correlation between school climate dimensions (teacher support, autonomy support and students support), and positive youth development and a positive and significant correlation between perception of parenting dimensions (parent engagement, warmth and autonomy support) and positive youth development. In addition, the results of stepwise regression indicated that parent engagement, teacher support and parent autonomy explain 40% of the changes of positive youth development.

Keywords: Positive youth development; perception of parenting; perception of school climate