Evaluation of urban infrastructure on the basis of architectural design and landscape ecology

  • M. J. Bagheri Ziari
  • B. Salehi
  • A. R. Faghani
Keywords: landscape architecture, ecology, urban infrastructure.


Ideology for landscape Ecology design must be maintained during the design of urban infrastructure and landscape ecology infrastructure can improve the quality of urban environment. Cities and biological complexes are the outcome of human interaction process in various aspects of social, economic, technological, etc., today, with the increasing development of knowledge; the human manipulation in the environment is increasing. And so humans by destroying the natural resources should face several problems, and that’s why different specialties are arise in order to solve the problems. Landscape architecture, including expertise that despite the long history of its use in human life has not much experience in academia environments as an independent field of study. Achievements of this specialty Activities, since it is rooted in nature by enjoying its talent in various aspects such as social issues, ecological and environmental role and could have a strong position for the city dwellers. This article due to needs of ecology design is focused on the effects of infrastructure production in terms of performance, the structure and materials, etc. And creating reasonable rules for ecological planning and landscape architecture in order to establish the foundations for the future development of ecology design methods for infrastructure.

Keywords: landscape architecture; ecology; urban infrastructure.

Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 1112-9867