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The role of architecture of diplomacy in development of "smart interactions" explaining the “communicative action” among the embassies of the United States

Sh. Naeimabadi
K Bazrafkan
A Saremi


Diplomacy is the most important character of the foreign policy. Embassy buildings also have a unique situation, as nations’ physical embodiments abroad and a dimension of foreign policy. These buildings represent "a body of relations between countries". This study focused on the variables in the communicative action of the embassies; and with a qualitative study, communicative action among the embassies of the United States has been analyzed. The results demonstrate that; "the Agents of Diplomacy" as the mastermind of national power, "consciously" can gain the architecture of diplomacy, in order to provide national goals. This is an active and effective participation between "Deputies of Diplomacy, Architects, and Builders (international contractors)". Also the "Smart Interaction", is a "Rational Action", based on "Generalizable Interests" among Actors, with taking advantage of the "Generative Rules", and optimal use of "Language".

Keywords: Diplomacy, Embassy, Medium, Smart Interaction

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print ISSN: 1112-9867