Evaluation of effective indicators on formation of informal settlements of SHAHR GHODS

  • S Heshmati
  • Z Sadat Saeideh Zarabadi
Keywords: informal settlements, SHAHR GHODS, Factor Analysis


Iran has faced with the growing urbanization in recent years and if we do not adopt effective planning and efficiency in the face of this sudden change these challenges will become irreparable consequences. Informal settlements are one of the symbols of this change. But with a good understanding of the phenomenon of the change in attitude it can be turned into opportunities. The purpose of this study is identifying and prioritizing effective indicators on formation of informal settlements of SHAHR GHODS and tries to some extent know the situation in these settlements and by studying main factors creating and expanding these settlements, a few suggestions are given. Effective indicators of Informal settlements can be divided in three general categories, cultural - social, economic and physical – services. Thus the survey method was used and for statistical population the residents of SHAHR GHODS informal settlements have chosen by random sampling. The required information was collected using a questionnaire and factor analysis method was examined by SPSS21 software.

The results indicate that the social - cultural aspects and physical infrastructure – service are the most influential factors in the formation and development of SHAHR GHODS informal settlements.

Keywords: informal settlements, SHAHR GHODS, Factor Analysis


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print ISSN: 1112-9867