Photoinitiated polymerization of a dental formulation: 1. Influence of photoinitiating system, temperature and luminous intensity

  • S Bayou
  • M Mouzali
  • L Lecamp
  • P Lebaudy
Keywords: dental composite, photopolymerization, dimethacrylate resin, photoinitiator system


The photoinitiated polymerization of a dental formulation is composed of Mixture of monomers 75%Bis-GMA/25%TEGDMA and CQ/DMAEMA as radical photoinitiator was studied by using isothermal photocalorimetry. The effect of temperature, light intensity and photoinitiating system concentration on reaction was investigated. A maximum conversion was obtained for a photoinitiator system concentration of 1% (w/w) and for the highest light intensity studied. It should be noted that a correlation between the glass transition temperature of the final polymer and the conversion has been studied.

Keywords: dental composite; photopolymerization; dimethacrylate resin; photoinitiator system


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eISSN: 1112-9867