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The richness and diversity of Lepidoptera species in different habitats of the national Park Theniet El Had (Algeria)

S Kacha
M Adamou-Djerbaoui
F Marniche
W De Prins


The diversity of Lepidoptera in several habitats of the National Park Theniet El Had (P.N.T.E.H.) was studied during twelve months of the years 2015 and 2016 in several habitats and totalising 851 specimens belonging to 17 families, 9 super families and 60 species. Among these 31 butterflies and 35 moths were recorded. the clairière (grass fields) turned out to be the most species-rich with 54 species, followed by cédraie with 39 species, the yeusaie with 33 species, the suberaie with 30 species, the zénaie with 29 species and finally the pinaie with only 22 species. The family Nymphalidae was the most dominant one in the parc with 32.48%. The diversity index (H’ and H’max) and the equitability (E) calculated for the 6 types of habitats is H’= 2,74 bits, H’max = 4,09 bits and E = 0,67 bits, meaning that the Lepidoptera species are at equilibrium with the different types of habitat which were studied.

Keywords: National Park; Theniet El Had; Lepidoptera; Rhopalocera; Heterocera; Diversity (H’); Equitability (E)