Comparison of protein extraction methods for the leaves of Ficus deltoidea

  • F.I. Abdullah
  • L.S. Chua
  • Z Rahmat
Keywords: Ficus deltoidea, protein extraction, TCA-acetone, phenol-SDS, pH


This study investigated several extraction methods for proteins from the leaves of Ficus deltoidea. The protocols include solvent based extraction, TCA-acetone precipitation, Tris buffered phenol extraction and hybrid technique of TCA-acetone/phenol-SDS. The results indicated that the hybrid technique and Tris buffered phenol method could produce higher number and better quality of proteins. There are 22 protein bands with the wide range of molecular size ranging from 8.20 to 113.48 kDa separated by 12% polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis in the hybrid technique. Tris buffered phenol could extract 13 protein bands from the plant, but only 9 protein bands from TCA-acetone precipitation method. pH 8.0 was the optimum value of Tris buffered phenol for protein extraction with higher protein content and better gel resolution.

Keywords: Ficus deltoidea; protein extraction; TCA-acetone; phenol-SDS; pH


Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 1112-9867