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A study of the lower gastrointestinal tract cancer with emphasis on gender and age of the patients in western Iran (Kermanshah) over 2006-2011

S Reshadat
S.H. Saeidi
A Zangeneh
A Ziapour
F Saeidi
S.R. Ghasemi
A Karbasi


Given that the incidence of cancers in the coming years will have a growing trend due to the increased average age of the world's population, the partial control of communicable diseases, and the rapid growth of the environmental risk factors. The present work was a descriptive, comparative and analytical study. The statistical population consisted of all patients residing in Kermanshah who had been suffering from the lower gastrointestinal tract cancer for five years. The results of the present study revealed that 46.10% were male, and 53.90% were female. Further, the results indicated that the age of patients and the intensity of cancer differentiation were significantly correlated.

It seemed that the lack of early diagnosis would ensue from a lack of periodic screening programs at early ages and lack of forums in which specialists could get together due to the unavailability of comparative statistics.

Keywords: Cancer, Lower Gastrointestinal Tract Cancer, Western Iran, Kermanshah City

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print ISSN: 1112-9867