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Encouragement and punishment and its educative position in Nahjul Balagha

Z Sadat Kabiri
H Isfahani


One of the important issues in the field of human education is the method of punishment and encouragement. According to self-love and the innate need, human like to get attention, respect and encouraged. Method of encouragement and punishment has also been used in Imam Ali educational work. He as a perfect instructor of God in education has been considered all of its conditions and practices and has used this method through educational work in various areas of personal, social, political, economic, religious and… Nahjul Balagha is one of the most important resources that are available in this area and Imam Ali educational practices can be studied as a perfect model. Some features of this method in Nahjul Balagha are: Consistency of encouragement and punishment with the characteristics of the people, Moderation, Lack of personal grudge, convincing the individual soul...

This article in terms of goal is Practical and in terms of data collection, is a desk study (Documentary).

Keywords: method, education, encouragement, punishment, Nahjul Balagha

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