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Practical philosophy in epic poetry of Faramarz Nameh

R Sakineh
M Alamdari Manijeh


Paying attention to the themes and moral teachings consist the most important part of literature؛and thereby many studies are written in this field that their content is advice and most of them have wisdom and moral aspects. The book of Faramarz Nameh which is addressed in the research is written in the fifth century AD. Although Faramarz-Nameh is known as an epic in literature, looking deep at its verses, can achieve to abundance of advices and moral teachings that the poet is included in his speeches due to status and dignity.

The purpose of this study is review of the wisdom and moral teachings in this work. The study showed that, however, morality and wisdom can be in the main properties of epics position, but can attract the reader’s idea across the whole stories.

Faramarz Nameh, is one of the national epics of fifth century AH that explains Faramarz adventures in India.

Keywords: Faramarz Nameh, practical wisdom, refinement

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print ISSN: 1112-9867