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Evaluation of the life shortening of flexible pavements

M Bavandpour


One of the reasons of life shortening of pavements operation is designing regardless of their administrative facts. The amount of transferred load between the layers depends on various factors such as the degree of adhesion and internal friction between the layers. If these layers limit by using proper bonding and sufficient density between the layers, they act integrated. In this study we evaluate the various pavement failures due to the possibility of friction under various loadings. Flexible pavement failure criteria are intended the vertical strain on the subsoil and analytically calculate the strain tolerance and pavement life of this strain were compared. According to these studies, shortening the life of pavements with limited layers and without internal friction has been determined compared to the pavement with internal friction.

Keywords: Internal friction, Tack-coat and Prime coat seals: Shortening the life of pavement, Vertical strain on the subsoil

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print ISSN: 1112-9867