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Review the new system and its impact on intelligent buildings and sustainable architecture

S Abbasi
R Zad Hasan


Among the important trends in contemporary architecture, sustainable architecture is present in three areas: economic, social and environmental issues raised are among the most important in the area of environmental sustainability, reduce consumption of non-renewable resources and renewable energy is Bhybh cost this Nanotechnology is one of the world's Latests technology is the science of controlling matter at the molecular scale Koch is one of the most important strategies for achieving environmental sustainability, and the advantages of smart materials is to use materials that reduces energy consumption and provide optimal comfort for the residents of a large building and complex building intrusion in sustainable design today must respond to the needs of the 21st century and only with the integration needs in a complex, to be energy efficiency via smart nano-materials, especially through the role color plays How can building material used with materials resistant, lightweight and cheap to produce, and how to use intelligent and self-healing materials in construction Buildings Hvshmnd.dr this paper, the choice of materials and equipment, to review the architecture of the system, along with the need for intelligent buildings and equipment due to the intelligent material, based on human needs in a sustainable architecture we are today.

Keywords: nano-architecture, sustainable construction, intelligent

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print ISSN: 1112-9867