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Investigation into structural formation of social relations of the elderly (case study, Golsar Vicinity, Rasht, Iran)

M Djavad Saghafi
S Ahmadpour


The present study aims to investigate the structural formation of the vicinity and promoting the social relations among the elderly residing there. In the present study the factors affecting the establishment of social relations among those over 60, using the questionnaire handed out, interviews and field observations, each of which was studied separately. The sample size was determined with accuracy of about 99 and error of one percent. Simple randomized sampling was employed, accessible to the elderly. The results obtained from questionnaires were analyzed using SPSS Vr 24; moreover, methodology and research Hypotheses were implemented through ANOVA table, Pearson Correlation and Regression. The validity of the research was therefore confirmed relying on Chronbach's alpha 0.87. This study also aims at identifying the factors affecting social relations, and interrelations thereof, as well as the extent of correlation of the defined indices (green space, variety of applicability, walk-ability). The results indicate that of all three indices, green space has the most contributing role in forming the social relationship among the elderly, whereas walk-ability marked the least.

Keywords: Social relation, Elderly, Green space, Walk-ability, Usage diversity, Golsar

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print ISSN: 1112-9867