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Social analysis Iraj Mirza’s poems and Malek O-Sho'ara Bahar’s poems

L Moradi


Iraj Mirza and Bahar were born out around the Iranian Constitutional Revolution in their literary life. This revolution has had a profound impact on poetry and social thinking. As the poets mentioned in the past glories of the past and paid this tendency is usually seen in the society is in crisis and disaster and the crisis and disaster was nothing but colonization of foreign countries. Freedom and liberal center of the Revolution and thus poets and writers sought to people, the more liberal the lead. Due to this, the aim of this paper is to study the social implications of Iraj Mirza’s poems and Malek o-Sho'ara Bahar’s poems and compare them.

Keywords: Iraj Mirza, Malek o-Sho'ara Bahar, the social themes of freedom, patriotism

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