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Theoretical modeling of a new structure of III-V tandem solar cells by using parabolic trough concentrator

R Ganouni
M Talbi
H Ezzaouia


In this study, potential efficiency of GaInP/GaAs mechanically stacked two-junction solar cell is theoretically investigated by optimizing the thickness of GaAs and GaInPandusing a new optical model to separate the junction between the two solar cell in order to solve problems of tunnel junction and difficulties of fabrication. The principal of this new model is inspired from that of parabolic trough concentrator. Results show that the optimum conversion efficiency is 43 % under AM1.5 spectral illuminations. The obtained results from computation and Matlab simulation of three fundamental parameters which are Reflectance R, external quantum efficiency QE and current density J, would be helpful in designing and fabricating high efficiency GaInP/GaAs mechanically stacked solar cell in experiment.

Keywords: GaInP/GaAs; parabolic trough concentrator; optical model; AM1, 5 illumination

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print ISSN: 1112-9867