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Design of concert hall in uremia based on notification to hidden role of music in architect

M Jalilizadeh
S Shaghaghi


The growth of sound in a concert hall is reviewed with emphasis on hearing the direct sound clearly. Architecture in its daily means provides renewed space and is replaced within a larger space and people are moving in it and in it’s around. Music is purely mechanical conception, organized and deliberate scattering of sound waves in space. The aim of current research is design of concert hall based on notification to hidden role of music in architect in Uremia city. Methodology is based on librarian, descriptive-analytical method that is of applied kind. Results show that architecture and Music have practical visuals that no one can reject these characters. Also, we can presented three themes of foundation and basis physical creation, architecture and music for comparison (first: the physical essence; second: the evaluation tools for; Third: change the essence to the body with including of the idea and expand it).

Keywords: Concert Hall, Music Role, Renewed Space, Architect

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print ISSN: 1112-9867