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Comparative investigation of methods for determining the lateral stiffness of coupled RC shears walls

S Farshad. Mousavi
B Barmayevar


In this study, the lateral stiffness of coupled RC shear walls is studied using the continuum method, equivalent frame and finite element methods. For this purpose, asix-story coupled shear walls with typical dimensions are considered and the lateral displacements of system are calculated under a variety of lateral loads such as: uniform, triangular distributed and concentrated loads, then the results are compared with together. The results show that under the rectangular and concentrated loadings, equivalent frame and continuum indicate more displacements compared finite element approach; therefore, these methods approximate less lateral stiffness for coupled RC shear walls. In addition, equivalent frame technique in most cases, except triangular loading, compared with continuous medium method determines more soft behavior for the structure.

Keywords: 1-Coupled RC shear wall 2-Lateral stiffness 3-Equivalent frame 4-Continuum method 5-finite element

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print ISSN: 1112-9867