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Survey on helminthic and protozoan contaminations in alimentary canal of ostrich at Tehran Province slaughterhouses

S Jalal Mirian
A Reza Mohammadi
G Karimi
K Ismail Nia
G Motamedi
H Hamidiyeh
M Ghadiri


Ostrich- farming has been prevalent in South Africa as the main habitat of this bird since several centuries ago and the flocks of ostrich have been reared similar to other herds or tame animals and flocks of birds. It can be also possibly reared in other countries of the world. At present, whereas skin, flesh, and other organs of this bird are consumed thus farming of this bird is vitally important in the world.

With respect to growing population of ostrich flocks in Tehran Province and the affiliated towns and importance of this issue in terms of providing meat and protein for the consuming market and in order to improve production yield it requires for diagnosis of and prophylaxis of the related common diseases for this animal particularly the parasitic diseases. It was tried to study by referring to 16 ostrich farming centers and visiting and sample from 55 carcasses of and or fatalities of the animal for this purpose. Then, after washing the contents of intestine of this bird and passing of those through screen (100) and staining with loop they were analyzed. Also lamella was prepared from intestinal wall and after staining the probability of existing protozoans was explored. No helminthic parasite was observed in the samples and Emeria oocyte was seen in three cases.

Keywords: Helminthic and protozoan parasites, Ostrich, Tehran Province

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print ISSN: 1112-9867