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Laws and legal safeguards governing the handling of air pollution in industrial city of Arak in Iran, and its comparison with international norms

H Reza Shiravand


Air pollution is one of the most important aspect of environmental degradation and one of the problems of large industrial cities, which, in addition to imposing costs on society, endanger the health of present and future generations, strongly. Air pollution leaves harmful effects on human and natural environment at three levels of domestic, national, and international. In recent years, in Iran particularly in big cities, the pollution has increased and In turn, has caused damages to the health of individuals and the quality of properties. In this regard, in this paper we first discuss all current laws and regulations governing the handling of air pollution in legal system, and then we study Laws and legal safeguards governing the control of air pollution in industrial city of Arak in Iran, and compare them with international norms. Data collection method was on the basis of a library method, and data analysis was analytical /qualitative. The obtained results revealed the reasons for the weakness of the legal system of air pollution handling in Iran regardless of various geographical, economic, and social problems with the protection of the environment, and Fragmentation and chaos rules, are: lack of adopting an integrated strategy to control air pollution factors, lack of attention to preventive and remedial approaches, absence of strong inspection mechanisms and executive guarantees as well as weak administrative and judicial mechanisms in management.

Keywords: Air Pollution, Legal System, International Law, Legal Safeguards, Iran

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print ISSN: 1112-9867