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Automated detection and recognition of diagnostically significant ECG changes

V.M. Nikitin
V.V. Muromtsev
O.A. Efremova
E.A. Lipunova
L.A. Kamyshnikova


The article considers the system of computer analysis of ECG and the software implementation of this system. The system provides for automatic recognition of singular points of ECG and automatic detection of ECG characteristic areas. In the design and implementation of the system there were widely used the finite automata. This allowed to visualize the logic of the system, to avoid design errors and to accelerate the process of creating the system.The analysis of test results developed by the team of the prototype of the computerized ECG analysis system with the advanced capabilities of automated search for characteristic sites allows us to conclude that the reliability of ECG interpretation by a specialist increases with a substantial reduction in the time required to perform this procedure. This positive effect is achieved through the implementation of the procedure for automatic recognition of special ECG points and the use of automated means of searching for ECG lines. The system increases the reliability of decoding ECG by a doctor-cardiologist for the purpose of diagnosis and significantly reduces the time to perform this procedure.

Keywords: ECG; ECG annotation; the state machine; state diagram; UML; LabVIEW

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print ISSN: 1112-9867