The use of multivariat statistical methode to study the aquifer system of terminal complex water in the Wadi Righ Valley Area (Southern Algeria)

  • A Bettahar
  • I.E. Nezli
  • R Kechiched
Keywords: Terminal Complex (CT), Mineralization, Statistical Approaches, wadi Righ, Algeria


Groundwater  resources  in  the  wadi  Righ  valley  are  presented  by  two  major  aquifers: Intercalary Continental and Terminal Complex. From a qualitative point of view, various studies have highlighted that the waters of this region showed excessive mineralization, including the waters of the Terminal Complex (EC = 5854.61µS / cm) .The present article is a statistical approach by two multi methods various complementary (ACP, CAH), applied to the analytical data of multilayered aquifer waters Terminal Complex of the Wadi Righ valley. The approach is to establish a correlation between the chemical composition of water and the lithological nature of different aquifer levels formations, and predict possible connection between groundwater’s layers. The results show that the mineralization of water is from geological origin. It concerns the composition of the layers that make up the Terminal Complex.

Keywords: Terminal Complex (CT); Mineralization; Statistical Approaches; wadi Righ: Algeria


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eISSN: 1112-9867