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Impact of direct seeding on soil water retention in semi-arid area (region highlands of western Algeria)

M Kouadria, A Hassani, D Ghezali, K Oulbachir


This investigation is falls within the framework of conservation agriculture. Indeed, twentyfive years after the first of zero tillage farming experiences, this new method was named crop conservation agriculture because it helps preserve soil nutrients, water absorption enhancing and infiltration and biodiversity by maintaining the natural equilibrium in the soil. The objective of this is study is to compare the impact of the tillage (conventional work and the direct sowing) on water properties of the soil, especially the water-holding capacity of the soil in semi-arid zone (case of Tiaret region). According to the results, the comparative analysis between the two types of tillage (direct drilling sowing and conventional tillage) shows that water parameters studied such as moisture equivalent (He), of holding capacity (Cr), wilting point (Pf) and AWR (UK) are higher in the useful reserve case of direct seeding than in the case of conventional labor.

Keywords: Conservation agriculture, direct sowing, conventional labor, soil moisture, holding capacity
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