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Modeling and controller design on ARX model of Electro-Hydrolic actuator

N. Ishak, N. S. Hamdan, M. Tajuddin, R. Adnan


Electro-hydraulic actuator (EHA) is commonly used in industry for its linear movement, quick response and accurate positioning of heavy loads. However, the uncertainties, highly nonlinearities and time varying characteristic of EHA caused difficulties in controlling the system. This paper studies the performance of Fuzzy PID controller on ARX model parameters of vertical position of electro-hydraulic actuator. The system transfer function is obtained via system identification technique using MATLAB Toolbox. The performance of the controller is analyzed through simulation by using step and square type reference input. The roots mean squared error show that the controllers with obtained model of 50ms sampling time give better performance.

Keywords: EHA; Fuzzy PID; ARX.
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