Interference management using direct sequence spread spectrum (DSSS) technique in LTE-Wi-Fi network

  • A. E. Azhar
  • A.L. Yusof
  • M.A. Zainali
  • N. Ya'acob
Keywords: DSSS, LTE network, Wi-Fi network, SINR, interference management and interference power.


In this paper, an enhance DSSS technique was proposed which considers both serving and its neighbouring base stations in the network. New coefficients, chip rate coefficient (a) and radius fraction coefficient (b) were applied in DSSS technique in order to improve the SINR value. First, SINR MUE and SINR WUE for the standard DSSS were simulated. Then, by using the obtained analysis, the enhance DSSS technique was proposed. As the results, the SINR at MUE using a-coefficient gives better SINR than standard around 4%~5% improvement. On the other hand, the SINR at WUE using a-coefficient also gives better SINR than standard around 9%~10% improvement. Other than that, by applying both a-coefficient and b-coefficient into the proposed DSSS based on modified interference power, the improvement for SINR MUE increases to 11%~13%. For SINR WUE, the percentage spikes to 74%~84%.

Keywords: DSSS, LTE network; Wi-Fi network; SINR; interference management and interference power.

Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 1112-9867