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Wireless real-time haze monitoring device

N. Ya'acob, A.L. Yusof, A.E. Azhar, N.F. Naim, M.S.M. Yusoff


Typically, the information received by public is based on 24-hour PSI from pollutant PM10 The 24-hour PSI reading often cause some confusion as most of the time. It does not correlate visually with the environment as seen with naked eye. Inaccurate reading may bring serious effect to people with respiratory problem. Furthermore, the reading from pollutant PM10 is not accurate as it measures particle matter as small as 10 micrometer in diameter, while the harmful particle matter is smaller than that. This project proposes a real-time portable wireless haze monitoring device, based on pollutant PM2.5 to measure air quality and beaglebone black
controller to control the transmission process of measured data taken via wireless data network to the MySQL database. The reading, which is real-time reading and more accurate compared to pollutant PM10, can provide haze awareness and guidance to people to plan their activities.

Keywords: PSI; PM10; PM2.5; beaglebone black.
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