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Measurement of brix level of Malaysian local oranges at resonance frequency

H. Ghazali, R. Rosman, Z. Sharif


The production of citrus in worldwide has increased over the years. This is due to demand
from consumer as well as positive progress in agriculture-related industry. Malaysia also
produces a lot of citrus but at the same time statistics shows that the number of citrus being
imported from other countries is also high. In order to maintain the quality of citrus
production, a non-destructive method by using monopole antenna is used in this study. The
reflection coefficient is measured at range operating frequency of 8MHz to 5 GHz. The
relationship between dielectric constant and S11 is determined. The other variables are
compared during S11 at resonance.S11 of oranges is the highest at 2.6 GHz with a value of -42.84 dB.

Keywords: citrus; monopole antenna; reflection coefficient
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