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Assement on level of indoor air quality at kindergartens in Ampang Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia

F. A. Sarijuddin, A. S. M. Saudi, M.K.A. Kamarudin, K.N.A Isa, M. Mahmud, A. Azid, A. Balakrishnan, I.F. Abu, N.A. Amin, Z.I. Rizman


This study identify the air pollutant that occurs in the kindergartens, to measure the level of
indoor air quality and also to analyze the association between indoor air quality patterns with
respiratory health symptoms. Three kindergartens were selected based on types of building
(single house, terraced 2 floors and refurbished commercial buildings). The exposure history and respiratory health symptoms data among respondent in the study  area were being collected by using questionnaire. Sampling for IAQ also being conducted and  parameters involved for this purposed included carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, temperature  and humidity. Result shows that there is no significant difference of IAQ level between all  kindergartens except for temperature and humidity (p≤0.05). The respiratory health symptoms also showed that only phlegm and chest illness show the significant difference in all kindergartens which (p≤0.05). 

Keywords: indoor air quality; children; kindergartens; allergy; respiratory.
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