Cultivation of Chlorella vulgaris in photobioreactor by using compost as a nutrient source for biomass production

  • X. B. Tan
  • Y. Uemura
  • J. W. Lim
  • M. K. Lam
Keywords: chlorella vulgaris, compost, batch culture, biomass.


Microalgae are well known for its high photosynthetic activity and ability to accumulate large amount of lipids within their cells. Compost fertilizers are derived from manure or food wastes which contain high concentration of nutrients such as nitrogen and phosphate. Hence, this study was to investigate the potential of compost nutrient derived from different feedstock
to grow microalgae and to optimize the biomass production from microalgae via batch
cultivation method. The optimized parameter were such as pH, amount of nutrient added and
types of compost used. Chlorella vulgaris was favored to grow under the condition of 0.04L/L
of chicken compost added in and pH 3, 6and 7. To this extent, this will able to reduce the
energy usage and cost saving.

Keywords: chlorella vulgaris; compost; batch culture; biomass.

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eISSN: 1112-9867