Data visualization of temporal ozone pollution between urban and sub-urban locations in Selangor Malaysia

  • N. Shaadan
  • L. N. Nazeri
  • M. F. M. Jalani
  • N. F. A. A. Rahman
  • R. R. Roslan
Keywords: ozone pollution, air quality, data visualization, data analytics, principal component analysis.


In Malaysian environment, ground level zone has been reported as one of the most important pollutants that contribute to air quality degradation. The odourless and invisible nature of the pollutant has caused problems for individuals to realize and notice the existence of Ozone pollution in the environment. Thus, this study was conducted with the aim to assess and visualize the occurrence of potential Ozone pollution severity of two chosen locations in Selangor, Malaysia: Shah Alam (urban) and Banting (sub-urban). Data visualization analytics were employed using Ozone exceedances and Principal Component Analysis (PCA). The study results have shown an increasing pattern of Ozone pollution occurrence with several modes of distinct diurnal variations at the locations. The study also provides strong insights that Banting might experience a higher potential for Ozone pollution severity compared to Shah Alam.

Keywords: ozone pollution; air quality; data visualization; data analytics; principal
component analysis.

Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 1112-9867