Optimization of polyurethane foam cube in enhancing the attachment of microalgae biomass

  • A. A. M. Sahib
  • J. W. Lim
  • M. K. Lam
  • Y. Uemura
  • S. R. M. Kutty
  • A. Ramli
Keywords: microalgae, chlorella vulgaris, polyurethane, attached biomass.


Attachment of microalgae biomass to polyurethane foam material is believed could reduce the cost and time needed for harvesting process in making it reliable to be used in industry for biodiesel production. This paper aim to optimize the usage of polyurethane for higher attachment of microalgae biomass yield in term of it sizes and packing volume. The investigation revealed that 1.0 cm3 polyurethane foam yield highest attached biomass (0.812 g) and it has best performance compared to 0.125 cm3, 8 cm3 and 27 cm3 with attached biomass yield 0.666 g, 0.546 g, and 0.368 g respectively. For packing volume, 6% is the best since has highest attached microalgae biomass with yield 0.753 g, compared with 2%, 4%, 8% and 10% with yield 0.426 g, 0.577 g, 0.687 g and 0.644 g attached biomass respectively.

Keywords: microalgae; chlorella vulgaris, polyurethane; attached biomass.


Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 1112-9867