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Potential breeding sites for Aedes albopictus and Aedes aegypti: assessment against different container types

Z. Mahfodz, N.N. Musa, N.A. Hasmi, H.N. Ismail, F. Pardi


An assessment towards potential breeding sites for Aedesmosquitoeson different types of
container was conducted in the UniversitiTeknologi MARA, Tapah Campus and other three
peripheral areas.Sample was collected by dipping using pipette. A total of 34 containers were identified as positive out of total 147 containers surveyed. Plastic container recorded the
highest number of positive container (41%), followed by can and tyre (12%), natural
container, vase and old furniture (9%), bottle (6%) and water dispenser (3%). Kg
TersusunBatu 3 showed the highest number of positive container (N=16), followed by Kg
Tapah Road (N=12), Taman Tapah (N=4) and UiTMTapah (N=2). The number of Ae.
albopictus (85%) collected was higher and found in all locationas compared to Ae. aegypti
(15%). Source reduction by eliminating any potential breeding sites can be implemented to
curb the population of Aedes mosquitoes.

Keywords: Aedesalbopictus, Aedesaegypti, breeding sites, container, university
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