Fitness professionals’ knowledge and perceptions on hydration and fluid intake: a preliminary study

  • N. Jusoh
  • S. M. Shirreffs
Keywords: thirst, fluid balance, fluid intake, personal trainers, knowledge.


This descriptive study examined the extent of hydration knowledge and fluid intake pattern in people who work within fitness industry. Fourty fitness professionals were asked to complete a questionnaire about their perspectives on hydration, thirst and fluid intake pattern. Water was the most preferred drink before (75.0%), during (72.5%) and after exercise (60.0%) as well as generally during the day (75.0%). Most participants rated plain tap water and plain bottled mineral water as excellent sources of water for human body, whereas colas or lemonade and chocolate drinks were rated as a poor source of water. To conclude, the fitness professionals generally demonstrated substantial knowledge about the timing and benefits of fluid replacement, hydration status monitoring and the health consequences of water consumption, but lack understanding on the type of beverages that adequately hydrate the body.

Keywords: thirst; fluid balance; fluid intake; personal trainers; knowledge.

Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 1112-9867