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Validity of selected cardiovascular field-based test among Malaysian healthy female adult

S.H. Azmi, N. Sulaiman


Based on emerge obese problem among Malaysian, this research is formulated to validate published tests among healthy female adult. Selected test namely; 20 meter multi-stage shuttle run, 2.4km run test, 1 mile walk test and Harvard Step test were correlated with laboratory test (Bruce protocol) to find the criterion validity among test in predicting VO2max for the Malaysian healthy female adults. Based on the data analysis, 20 meter multi-stage shuttle run test showed higher correlation (r= .634, p =0.01, p < 0.05), compare to the other test which are 2.4 km run test ( r= .414, p= .125, p>0.05), One mile walk test ( r= .182, p=.517,p>0.05) and Harvard Step test (r=.309, p= .267, p> 0.05). Based on this research its proven that the most suitable cardiovascular test to measure Vo2max among healthy female adult is 20 meter multi-stage shuttle run test.

Keywords: Criterion validity, field based test, laboratory test, healthy female adult
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